BnB Legal Notice

The Bling n the various forms of the Blang

Although the text of the "Legally Notarized Email" is generic for all you BnB "haters", I would like to serve the first notice on the one and only one Bollypedia, Megha of Walk on the Clouds Fame.

Text of the "Legally Notarized Email"
Subject: Hidden innuendos and satirical remarks on Bling n Blang on (reference

I am the founder president BnBFA (Bling n Blang Fan Association). This notice is with respect to your releasing totally false article(s) about the BnB on the website (reference that has your clear reference and hidden agenda all around it.

The blog post(s) have been released by you with proven deliberate and fraudulent intentions to harm the image of BnB and cause mental trauma to BnB fans. The blog posts have caused unfathomable damage to the reputation of BnB and to neigborhood store uncles by destroying their customer base. The posts further have affected innumerable future “operations” of BnB. I have legally notarized and logged all the releases and am sending you this email to you as the first notice of proposed legal, judicial and criminal action against you that has already been approved & cleared by the Rail against BnB haters committee at BnB FA. Even though the damage caused by your deliberate and fraudulent intentions cannot be calculated, the proposed filing would involve an immediate viewing of Lucky-No Time for Love (2005), followed by two back to back viewing of the BnB starrer Disco Dancer (1982) and Dance Dance (1987) and finally enjoying Bling moosik BlingWood.
Corollary claims and subsequent “extra-parallel cinema” viewings are being decided and being notified further on. I am also providing your details to all Neighborhood store Uncles for undertaking and implementing immediate viewing warrants against you. Your details are also being furnished to all theatre halls and all forms of transportation so that you will feel the BnB maazik 24x7. However, in case you undertake the following actions immediately, and provide evidence of such actions being completed, I shall formally withhold the abovementioned proceedings against you:

1. Immediately view five Blang movies, all made between 1996 and 2000.
2. Immediately delete all non-Bling moosik from your devices and load only BlingWood moosik on all forms of moosik devices you have.
3. Immediately release a notice on all your domains declaring your undying love for Bling n Blang.

I am warning you that the wrath of BnB FA will be on you. I have tracked your blog post down and with the blessings of the BnB will religiously post non-sensicial comments every day while humming Bling moosik. All of your regular readers have also been noted and I shall do the same on their blogs also.

The state of your mind after fulfilling the above three conditions shall immediately tell me about your response.

Founder-PresidentBnB Fan Association -
Worldwide Location – Where all moosik lovers are found


And please also call the Bond movie people and tell them that you will start burning all Bond DVDs/VCDs if the next Bond is not The Man.
anantha said…


What made BnB FA to go over the edge now and sue Bollypedia? :D
Sakshi said…
Lol....But this is a serious issue.
[GreatBong] I did inform them about the upcoming legal notice for them, but they told me that the world audience is not yet ready for Prabhu-ji dancing to the soul moosik of Bappi-da. My lawyers are in talks with them to see on this matter.

[Anti] - Bollypedia aka Walk on the Clouds has inserted references to Bappi-da which BnB FA found derogatory, plus Bollypedia refers Bling as boppi :D

[Sakshi] - Thanks for dropping by. Do you want to join the BnB FA ? Always on the lookout for those people who have been inspired by Bappi-da's soul moosik.
Sriram said…
LMAO!!! May I be part of the "e-mail notarization team" pleeeeaaase? :))
anantha said…
Greatbong: Shall we join hands? The Man and The Other Man seem to be the most maligned ppl in cyberspace! And people attribute each of their acts to one or the other at different points. It has to end!

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