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A weekend at Universal - The Insider's Guide to completing 3 parks in 1.5 days

In case you meet the following, you can "while" away time at Universal (like I did)

1. Have some dough to spare
2. Have two complete days on the weekend

The guide to any theme park visit is strategic web research and some innovative scheduling once you reach the park. The most important thing at Universal is to reduce your group size. The ideal group size is 1, but it can get pretty lonely standing in the lines. Get someone along but in no circumstance increase the group size and include children, spouses, girlfriends, etc. etc. etc. In short if you have to be with people be with people who can move as fast as you can and don't need to stop at all rides to get a souvenir picture. I "completed" 3 parks - Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and SeaWorld.

First steps first.
1. Get an AAA advantage card - beg, borrow or steal (This gives you 10-15% off regular prices)

2. Do some web research on 2 day flex tickets before you land at the park.
3. The park opens sharp a…