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The Eagle has been grounded

One of thoseHokie matches where you just wishhhhhhhhhh you were there, well, not in body, but in mind, the D-Hokie was with the 66000 Hokie faithful who rocked Lane and made sure BC got their rear ends kicked.. Some images, match review is at ESPN.

Image Courtesy: ESPN

BnB Legal Notice

The Bling n the various forms of the Blang

Although the text of the "Legally Notarized Email" is generic for all you BnB "haters", I would like to serve the first notice on the one and only one Bollypedia, Megha of Walk on the Clouds Fame.

Text of the "Legally Notarized Email"
Subject: Hidden innuendos and satirical remarks on Bling n Blang on (reference

I am the founder president BnBFA (Bling n Blang Fan Association). This notice is with respect to your releasing totally false article(s) about the BnB on the website (reference that has your clear reference and hidden agenda all around it.

The blog post(s) have been released by you with proven deliberate and fraudulent intentions to harm the image of BnB and cause mental trauma to BnB fans. The blog posts have caused unfathomable damage to the reputation of BnB and to neigborhood store uncles by destroying their customer base. The posts further have affected …

28-9, a total of 83 to 15, need i say more ?

Pictures don't lie and stats reveal more than they should !! Sorry Terp Fans, but after all the yelling and cussing, all you get is one helluva butt kicking !!

Hokies 28
Terps 09

Hokies Total Yards 497 (211 passing, 286 rushing)
Terps Total Yards 254 (158 passing, 96 rushing)

Stick to playing Division II teams, that is where ya all belong !! The Turtle has been grounded !!

Misplaced Priorities

Only brave warriors fall from their horses in battle, How can kneeling cowards know what a fall is?

This quote sums up our foreign policy to a "T".
Stumbling and bumbling along from one disaster to another, India has never put a coherent strategy. Due to the inability of our foreign office mandarins (no doubt, all products of that “esteemed” bed of commie thoughts – JNU), we have always shielded from taking any proactive steps on anything. This total lack of sense and gummed up thinking is strikingly clear in our dealings with China.
After getting humiliated in 1962, we still have not realized that it is not Pakistan that is our enemy but CHINA. Pakistan has played the game of “The dog benefits when two men fight” and consistently whined and groveled its way to foreign aid. It is our inability to connect the dots together that will doom us.

My enemy’s friend is my friend – Old Saying
My frustration at our inept handling and outburst happened on reading Nitin Pai’s excellent post…

Dekh Sako to Dekh Lo, Lekin Hathoda maare bina

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Better late than never
I have been a silent spectator to the entire IIPM issue and the virtual war it has unleashed.
There is no defense of IIPM and its high handed techniques. To summarize Patrix (of DesiPundit fame), the core issue here is FREEDOM. In this age where we increasingly take this simple word for granted, what IIPM is doing and has been trying to do is to take away one thing we have which is truly ours and that is FREEDOM, particularly freedom of expression, freedom of choice, the ability and the opportunity to point out flaws in an argument without losing sense of rationality. Victor Frankl once pointed out; everything can be taken from a man…

Living neitherworld - Land of the non-blogging

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