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Spring is here - get out of your offices !!

Need I say more ?

I am back !!

What happens when someone finally wraps up a major release and has some time on a rainy Saturday ?
Naturally one watches movie(s).

One of these weekends when you know you have to just watch a movie or two, or maybe three to "while" away the time till Monday creeps along. Well, yours truly made one such one trip to the neighborhood Uncle (NB) (NB has been discussed here earlier) and NB taking pity on GHE finally relented and brought out some classics for GHE to view. To cut a long story short, GHE ogled at the movies (much like a person from an all-boys school at the first day in college ogles the opposite sex) and profusely thanked NB.
But then NB had a surprise in store, yeesssss, our own Mithun-da's movie !! GHE snatched the movie, paid for the movie (always important, otherwise the only source to Bollywood movies, NB usually gets super cross) and raced out to the car and zoomed and vroomed back home !!
GHE then surreptitiously checked the surroundings (always a safe idea…