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Unrealistic expectations !!


Shooting from the hip !!!

Some media interviews are really funny. Stuck inside my apartment on a snowy day, I was going through some old book-marks and I came across a really funny interview of Ismail Durbar, the once famous music composer who has given us the hit tunes of "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam".

In a 2 part series on Rediff, he makes some really outrageous claims !! Read the whole 2 part to get the laugh of your life, My work is better than Rahman. The second part of the series is at "History will be created".

Ismail Durbar was again in the controversy recently again for his
on the popular Zee TV show, SareGama. He reportedly got into a tuff with Aadesh Srivastva and other people on the show.

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Some magic words

Sometimes, you are priviledged to come across some really moving words,

Some melodies are quite simply, magical. I pick one and go into raptures about it for hours, only to sigh at the futility of trying to imprison the intangible in words. I know I could never articulate how I feel, yet I hopelessly try. It touches my heart, I say, and then realize how facile and commonplace that sounds. How naive it is to try and quantify a feeling so sublime. But not quite ready to give up yet, I break it down into its elements — the voice, the words, the mood .. but I know there is something more, something I cannot see .. like a soft breeze that tosses them all together into a beautiful whirlwind. A silence within the sounds, that speaks to me. No one, but me. I feel its presence around me always. Sometimes as it sweeps me up into a storm, leaving me breathless and gasping for more .. and at other times, as it slows down to softly set me back on the ground, before resuming its unst…

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