Graduation Remarks

I still remember my graduation ceremony. It was hot, muggy and extremely uncomfortable waiting for the diplomas while the commencement speaker droned on and on. He was some English Professor and while the speech itself was interesting, I was extremely frustrated at having to "sweat" it out at the very last moment Image Why I am bringing this up ? Image

One of my friends today sent me an email directing me to a
LINK. The article speaks about Indra Nooyi's speech at the Columbia Business School commencement. The speech is not only witty, it is extremely interesting to read and draw analogies, not only in a "big country-smaller countries" concept (like SAARC) but also in our respective lives. I have reproduced the article HERE in case the original link does not work
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Thanks to
Saumya, I also know what happened next. Wow, this is rich, someone raises a pertinent point and bang comes the P-word. like Albert Einstein said (and I have no choice but to paraphrase, given my memory) - the senseless zeal of nationalistic identification is the biggest stumbling block to our moving forward as a species... simply put, as long as there is an unanswering response to the call of anything in the name of "patriotism", we will not see a truly humane world ... Sad, truly sad.......


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