Waterfalls and why we love them !

I have always wondered why it easy to get people to commit to a hike (and actually show up) when at the end of the hike is a waterfall or any water-body!! I found the true explanation (and a quote and image on top of that!!) in the Shenandoah Overlook magazine.

" When the strongest force of water we experience in our daily lives is from the shower head or garden hose, the power of unrestrained, wild water is thrilling. Millions of gallons of water coursing over a rocky edge, tumbling down, crashing into rocks and pools with bouncing sprays delight our senses. The power and grace of unfettered nature can be awe-inspiring. At the base of any waterfall, you can find people simply gazing, lost in contemplation. Some find the waterfall a symbol of self renewal. Some are soothed by the rushing sounds of water against rock. "

Never shall I forget these glad cascade songs, the low booming, the roaring, the ken silvery clashing of the cool water rushing exulting from form to form beneath rising spray - John Muir


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