Shooting from the hip !!!

Some media interviews are really funny. Stuck inside my apartment on a snowy day, I was going through some old book-marks and I came across a really funny interview of Ismail Durbar, the once famous music composer who has given us the hit tunes of "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam".

In a 2 part series on Rediff, he makes some really outrageous claims !! Read the whole 2 part to get the laugh of your life, My work is better than Rahman. The second part of the series is at "History will be created".

Ismail Durbar was again in the controversy recently again for his

on the popular Zee TV show, SareGama. He reportedly got into a tuff with Aadesh Srivastva and other people on the show.


Anonymous said…
"My grandfather and my father could not achieve what I have achieved. I have achieved (a lot) at a early age." - Ismail Darbar

yeah, some media interviews are REALLY funny and senseless!
Hiren Shah said…
When ability is not there or not correctly reflected, make it up by greater visibility seems to be the strategy.
Vurdlak said…
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I just love this kind of publicity trash-talk like when B Basu waxes on the role of a lifetime in Apaharan where her total screen time was 3 minutes.
[anon] Thanks for dropping by !! Yes, some interviews are really really funny, but this one takes the cake. i was actually "priviledged" to view a couple of episodes of Saregama and it was hilarious that way Aadesh Srivatsva and Ismail Durbar behaved !!

[Hiren Shah] Thanks for dropping by. You are bang on target. Everyone seems to do it, but Ismail Durbar goes one step further and shouts from the rooftop.

[vurdlak] You can drop me an email at if something comes up on your front. Sorry could not help you.

[GreatBong] Somehow it is the actresses who have to go full mode on "how good the role is". We will let B Basu slip this past, after all she has done enough for us "demented" souls :D
In The Shadows said…
hey ujwal, are you from baroda, mech engg msu.. I am satish..

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