Salute to a fallen soldier

Late Mr. Surjan Singh Bhandari

During The Attack on Akshardham temple on 24th September 2002 this Brave Man fought the greatest battle of his life. Yes he was the N.S.G. Commando Late Mr. Surjan Singh , who sacrificed his life for the Nation. Sadly On 19th May 2004 he lost the Toughest an d Longest battle against life exactly after 600 Days being in Coma, he lost this life.

The Bullet which hit him in the head made him Unconscious for almost 600 days. His family members were hoping that one day their Hero will open his eyes but he didn't.

It was the Longest Wait for the family members of this Brave Man. When the whole India was busy in Guessing Who will be the Next PM of the country - Will it be Sonia or will it be Manmohan Singh, This man was fighting his Last battle. But it's so sad that in the hype of all the Political Drama, the News about his Death was Lost like a needle in a hay stack! Even the leading News Papers & So Called Best News Channels of India which Works on 24 X 7 basis, failed to highlight this story of the Brave Man. Unfortunately it was mentioned somewhere on the middle page of some newspaper.....This was the Reward for the Brave task for which he lost his life.

Besides his Family members, only one thing was there with him during those toughest 600 days. It was there near his bed till the last Moment. Can you guess what it was?............... It was the "Tiranga", yes! Our National Flag, which was saluting him for his Great cause. Absolutely No words can suffice our Gratitude towards him...

If news papers refuse to cover, TV channels refuse to cover, let us do our bit.

Please forward this mail to as many people as you can.

This is the only way we can salute his Bravery...

(Forwarded Email from Abhi)


Anonymous said…
dear all
for u r kind information the all news channel cover Late Mr. Surjan Singh Bhandari Brave story. when he was in coma zee news, ndtv and sahara samay make half an hour programme on him. they chnls show his Bravery and his family problem thats why govt awake and look after his family. i want ask one Q why send u this mail after 2 yrs. becoz Brave Surjan Singh Bhandari died on may 2004 and today is apr 2006.
zee news
Anonymous said…
I am very much agree to the thoughts of prakhar;

The suprime secrifice made by him not at all requires the shedow of publicity to prove anything......

Amit Thapliyal

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