I am back !!

What happens when someone finally wraps up a major release and has some time on a rainy Saturday ?
Naturally one watches movie(s).

One of these weekends when you know you have to just watch a movie or two, or maybe three to "while" away the time till Monday creeps along. Well, yours truly made one such one trip to the neighborhood Uncle (NB) (NB has been discussed here earlier) and NB taking pity on GHE finally relented and brought out some classics for GHE to view. To cut a long story short, GHE ogled at the movies (much like a person from an all-boys school at the first day in college ogles the opposite sex) and profusely thanked NB.
But then NB had a surprise in store, yeesssss, our own Mithun-da's movie !! GHE snatched the movie, paid for the movie
(always important, otherwise the only source to Bollywood movies, NB usually gets super cross) and raced out to the car and zoomed and vroomed back home !!
GHE then
surreptitiously checked the surroundings (always a safe idea to check 360 degrees when watching a Prabhuji movie !!) and started the DVD. The DVD player also gave out a whoop of unadulterated joy since a Prabhuji movie was being detected after a longgggggg time !!

After watching some Mithun-da duds like Chinagari, Elaan and Lucky-No Time for Love, GHE admits that he was disillusioned just like some other Prabhuji bhakts, GreatBong and Anti. But like the Sphinx, trust Prabhuji to spring back with INSAAF KI JUNG - The Fight for Justice !!

Yees, to all those doubters and neh-sayers like M, Prabhuji is back and back with a louddddddd bang.

I knew that Insaaf Ki Jung would be a visual treat because the keyword Insaaf Ki Jung actually brought up a Priya Tendulkar dud movie !! Shucks, why watch Priya Tendulkar when you have your own Prabhuji !! But that also meant that there was nothing on this movie out, wow, what a journey of discovery !! An unreviewed Mithun-da movie, just the tonic I needed on a rainy Saturday.

I had to doff my hats off to the new kid on the block. Our own TLV Prasad took years and years of perfection to hone Mithun-da's art into the science of making moolah, but PK has perfected this "art and science" in one movie flat. The standard cut-outs for Mithun-da to bang, his big screen presence, the village folks who would be provided with "education", the mandatory love triangle, the rape sequences, everything is there. Action-Comedy-Emotion everything is there. So sorry, no saxx please, family entertainer..

The movie starts off with a quite a bang with jeeps rising three stories in the air and petrol pumps bursting off for no reason whatosever and some people running helter-skelter (maybe the shots where taken off junta running to get into a Prabhuji movie, first day, first show?? mebbe?? strange things have happened earlier, haven't they??).. The movie starts off pretty promisingly (and actually gets better and better along the way!!) with
a sombre voice informing us that we have greater danger to the country from enemies within rather than from those outside. (Wow, what a relevation !! I never knew about this).
A long scene follows where some ACP is helping Moutho smuggle arms and ammo (actually they were pretty good cardboard cut-outs, production values in Prabhuji movies are definitely on the way up!!) to spread "havoc" in the country and some dude photographer (who had nothing better to do in Otty and was snagged by PK is given a teeny weeny role of snapping pics) does nothing but just goes click-click!!.
Anyways, cutting to the chase and there comes our own Prabhuji beaming and all smiles. He cracks some jokes with his wife and then saunters off to his office where dude Pramod Moutho (who in his spare time also happens to the CM of the state) informs Prabhuji that because of Prabhuji the company has made a profit of 500 crore rupees and hence they would like to have a party for this. PM-CM(Maane Pramod Moutho as the CM) also has three or four side-kicks (Arjun of Arjun-Mahabharatammmmmmmmmmm fame being the main one) who hem and haw and basically say the same thing. The standard party song follows where Prabhuji is the cynosure of all eyes. The party ends and Prabhuji is now drunk. Everyone knows what
happens when Prabhuji gets drunk, the wife/sister/girl friend gets raped. Well, the wife then has to be bumped off (PK made room reservations for only one night, you see) and then Prabhuji takes center-stage. He promptly bashes up PM-CM, his cronies and all the security folks and then decides that PK actually has to make a three hour movie so he takes off. Well, he runs into 4 or 5 pagal (mad-men and one mad-woman) who have run from the local mental asylum and everyone like in a big picnic lands up at the "Ektaa Farm House" which incidentally happens to be the same place where the photographer lives (Dude who was snagged by PK to snap PM-CM accepting arms and ammo). Well, it turns out that PM-CM wants have Shakti fame in rape sequences and he and his cronies beat the jeeving daylights out of the unlucky dude, bump him also off and proceeded to rape the dude's wife also (dont u worry, filmi wife and very "tastefully" done sequences also!!).. Again to cut the chase down, PK decides that some innovation is of the order. PK could have sticked to the time tested TLV technique of hooking the widow and Prabhuji up, but naahhhhhhhhh; PK now introduces a CBI officer, PM-CM's daughter who is in love with the CBI officer since college and a oomph assistant for the CBI officer. Everyone sings and dances, pouts on the need for education and all this time PM-CM and cronies are having some meetings and getting some Shakti style practice !! Well, after some flashbacks and one needless gunning down of a "honest" cop we are finally presented with the climax where Prabhuji rescues the movies from the disaster it was headed into by mouthing dialogues like,

saap apni kechli utarne ke baad saap hi rah jaata hain, haathi ke khane ke daath aur dikhane ke daath aur hote hain."
(English translation: A snake can shed skin but it still remains a snake, An elephant has different teeth for chewing and displaying. Kids please note, you will not get such nuggets of information anywhere else)

"Hazaarao khujli karne waalo kutte ka marne ke baad tu paida hota hain"
(English Tran
slation: It was only after the death of thousands of flea infested dogs that you were born, speechless, nothing to say or add here)

After mouthing the dialogues and the mandatory bimbo death, all is well in Prabhu-land, PM-CM gets a bullet in his head for his pains, Arjun is dispatched off somewhere and the cronies are pack
ed off also.. Everyone is smiles, Prabhuji makes one more speech (actually a kid makes it but you can clearly see Prabhuji's hand in the speech) about how important it is to take the law in your hands and fight for Justice..

Hats off the movie for one more point, The fine art of movie making without using an editor, it needs a true director to make something jump from one scene to another and yet churn out a cult classic like Insaaf Ki Jung, Potential, I tell you, PK is marked out for greatness !!
What a movie !! As I said, Prabhuji makes a trimuphant return and some more PK fine tuning and we should be ab
le to see Zakmi Sipahi-2

Special thanks to the producers - Krishna Raj and Joginder Sharma for sticking with Prabhuji and delivering the DVD !!


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