Balkanization of Pakistan

Pakistan - Should it be Balkanized ?

While discussing my earlier post on 'A Weak India' with people, I realized that there was a total lack of awareness among the Indian Diaspora about what is going on back home and in general the subcontinent. I did get a few intelligent responses and one particularly interesting discussion was what is the rationale of having Pakistan as an independent country ?

Life is the gift of nature, but beautiful living is the gift of wisdom", says a Greek adage.

Maverick Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf needs to suck up this sage saying down to his glib throat; whether he and his predecessors have been helpful in providing a " beautiful living" to the people of Afghanistan, their own denizens who had clamoured for Pakistan, and to the hapless Moslems of Kashmir, on the eastern fringe of truncated Pakistan. The leadership in undivided Pakistan, by pursuing unsound policies, had on the contrary played fraud on its own people.
The entire blame for misguiding Talibans should rest with Pakistan. It is Pakistan, the main epicenter of terrorist activity in south Asia, which is responsible for destroying the fabric of society from Kashmir to Kandahar, by breeding Talibans. Following the detalibanisation of Afghanistan, because of blunt U S action, in conjunction with the Northern Alliance, Pakistan's policy of expansionism has boomeranged.

Revolution is done by the courageous, but terrorism is done by the weak
Law and order has broken down in the urban centers, due to high rates of youth unemployment, increasing inequalities in the distribution of income, and corruption in the police force. Armed robberies, kidnappings and assassinations are commonplace. The mandate of the federal government has virtually ceased to exist in many rural areas, especially the tribal agencies of the Frontier province that border Afghanistan. Rivalries between Punjab, the largest province with 57% of the population whose members dominate the nation’s military and civil services, and the three smaller provinces of Sindh, Frontier and Balochistan are at an all time high, with problems in the allocation of water at the top of the list of issues of contention. The common man lives at the mercy of armed gangs that exploit ethnic and sectarian rivalries to indulge in large-scale violence. In addition, the presence of international terrorist organizations that have taken root in religious institutions disrupts the normal rhythm of life.
What can the Government of India do to hasten the collapse of Pakistan, i.e. 'Balkanization of Pakistan' ?
Bharat Rakshak post on the Baluch Problem
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What does Iran gain from the Baluch problem?
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The worry in the Indian establishment and the world in general is the presence of nuclear weapons with Pakistan. They think it is better to deal with a known rabid dog then four or five unknown rabid mongrels led by Islamic sharia law touting mullahs. They definitely want to avoid a repeat of Iran when poor support to the Shah meant that the mullahs had a fairly easy run to power by dismantling all structures of the establishment. Does this mean that 'Balkanization of Pakistan' is a concept which is not possible ? As the following article illustrates, not only is this a pressing need, it is the duty of every world citizen to make sure that Pakistan is Balkanized into smaller nations and further smaller states.
Balkanization of Pakistan
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The books titled "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM" and "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR" have already recommended and proposed disintegration of Pakistan and formation of 6 new states in South Asia. Syed Jamaluddin has been campaigning about the balkanization / disintegration of Pakistan since 2001. This time, India will openly support the idea of Pakistan´s balkanization and disintegration as proposed by Syed Jamaluddin.
What I am saying is very simple. Urdu-speaking people living in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and other cities in the province of Sindh (Pakistan) deserve their own country.

An independent country for Urdu-speaking people will solve their economic problems on one hand and provide an environment of freedom from the military dictatorship of Punjab province on the other.

Urdu-speaking people have their own identity and worth. It is not possible for Urdu-speaking people to become part of Sindh. This attempt to make Urdu-speaking people part of Sindh has always failed. This fact that Urdu-speaking people are independent in their thinking and are able to represent themselves more effectively if they are independent, should be accepted and recognized by the whole world. One cannot force a French person to become German or a Czech citizen to become Spanish or a Polish citizen to become Russian, similarly, one should also not force an Urdu-speaking citizen to become Sindhi.

Urdu language is much different from Sindhi language. Not only language, there is glaring difference in terms of culture, traditions, national character, vision, approach, mindset and above all religious thinking.

Urdu-speaking people cannot be forced to stay with Sindhis forever and without their own right of freedom. Both Urdu-speaking people and Sindhis deserve their respective identities through formation of Jinnahpur and Sindhudesh. Both these nations are not ready to remain under the umbrella of socalled Pakistan which is nothing but a political colony of Punjab.

If other separatist movements in the world are accepted and acknowledged worldwide, movement for a free and independent state for Urdu-speaking people should also be embraced by the United States of America and other Western nations. If Kosovo can get independence in 21st century, why not Urdu-speaking people of Pakistan can get their own country called Republic of Jinnahpur.

Hence, Pakistan´s balkanization / disintegration has become very important in this century in order to keep the mankind safe from any terrorism emanating from Pakistan.

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