Is India Weak?

After spending so much time away and enclosed in my own world, it is really unfortunate that very few articles or happenings move me. However, while watching the new Bollywood movie, Tango Charlie, I started thinking about my home country and its general indifference towards anything and everything. Tango Charlie is about a BSF soldier who is rescued by two Air Force pilots from a remote Kashmir post. While ferrying him back, they start reading his journal which outlines his work from the forests of Mizoram battling Bodo militants to Naxalite extremism to riot control in Gujarat. The finale is in Kashmir while guarding a vital supply bridge.Tango Charlie brought home the very valuable lesson, "History forgets a country that forgets its soldiers". How easily we as an Indians forget the fact that it took the sacrifice of nearly 600 of our brave soldiers and a Kargil to awaken us from our slumber. And it is slumber again that we are in again. Every day, every hour, someone in India dies protecting us. This enemy is both internal and external. Yet, we continue on our merry, worthless existence without any thought of who protects us while we enjoy our 'slumber'. In realism, I am not asking anyone to take up arms and go and join the army (which we cannot do anyway because of our total lack of physical stamina). However, we can do our own part of defending our motherland by remembering these soldiers and more importantly reminding our government who is responsible for all this mess. We are ringed by two Islamic nations on our sides, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Why is that the Indian government finds it necessary to explain the internal political compulsions of the Bangladesh government after Indian soldiers are brutally murdered by BDR soldiers ? It is nearly 4 years since 16 BSF troopers were captured and then brutally tortured and killed, yet our government has no answers, no culprits in jail ? Missing the woods for the trees, it appears, has become the characteristic Indian response to every crisis. What is a fact that 16 BSF personnel were certainly and brutally tortured in custody and then murdered in cold blood. A public and disgraceful spectacle was made of the body of at least one of these soldiers ? Yet, after all these incidents, we still court the Bangladeshis. And our soldiers keep losing their lives on the border.

BSF officer killed in cold blood
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News Follow-up article on torture and murder of BSF officer.
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BSF Jawans subjected to inhuman torture
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It is nearly 6 years since Kargil and Saurabh Kalia still goes unanswered. We invite Musharraf to our house and feed him the choicest of food while talking 'pseudo-peace'. Whom are we fooling ? None of us want to fight a war, yet why this charade ? India's leadership is constantly lying to its people and to itself. After Kanadhar, we blamed Nepal by stopping all civilian flights, yet we continue to coddle upto to Pakistan.
Kargil's first hero - Saurabh Kalia
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Geocities link on Saurabh Kalia
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What can we as ordinary citizens of India and settled in United States do ?
Stop advocating peace with Pakistan, Bangladesh or anyone else for that matter. Speak up in public forums or private discussions. You don't feed a mad dog, you don't talk to rogue nations. Force the government to ask for accountability from the governments of Pakistan and Bangladesh and give them a list of specific demands. The loss of trade from India would hurt Pakistan and absolutely cripple Bangladesh. Use brinkmanship tactics to get answers.

Unknown - As long as a country shall continue to bestow more liberal applause on its destroyers than on its benefactors, it will continue to fall


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