Is the world really warming ?

I was "trawling" through the blog world and came across an excellent article by Bjorn Lomborg, a Swedish environmentalist who uses statistics to "dispel" several myths about the environment.
While I personally do not agree with several of his view points, he does make a very interesting case in the article, "The truth about the Environment". He also has a very famous book, "The Skeptical Environmentalist" in which he has outlined a lot more than the core article.
There is an equally well written piece on TAI which tries to bring the "truth" about the "Truth about the environment" HERE. Pretty rivetting stuff. Opinions, thoughts, anyone?


Niket said…

Another example of global warming deniers falls... the author of a study (mis)quoted by Crichton, Coulter, et al. clarifies.

Most scientists, contrary to what you may feel or want, do not doubt anthropogenic causes for global warming.

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