Life goes on.....

While cleaning up my Hotmail inbox (Yikes, I have nothing better to do in life???), I came across this forward from my cousin.
According to the email forward, the original article is from Prashant Patel, M.S. Computer Science, UMass Lowell. However, if the creative license is with someone else, please let me know and I will update my blog accordingly...
Read it and Enjoy !!
It's my roomie lying next to me and screaming. He's mad at my alarm going off at 6.30AM. Well, I can't help it if he sits up all night chatting with his ends, enemies and any other human being having a YahooID! with a half opened eye i saw weakly "Ok.ok...I'll switch it off". I slowly open my eyes, and I see my other roomie standing beside my bed.. bath towel around his waist, toothbrush in his mouth and giving me the look. "Wasn't it your turn to go to Walmart?? We are out of toilet paper!" Great! Looks like a fun filled day ahead.
After some quick formalities in the restroom, I manage to find a tee shirt among some pile of papers, popcorn and coffee cups. Thank God well,actually, thank my roomie) for the deodorant! Time for a quick breakfast. as I enter the kitchen,my roomie walks out munching on a sandwich. "Forget it.that was the last one", he says half asleep. "What about cereals?" I ask. "Finished last week.there's some milk left.". Milk??.Only if I can find a cup in this jungle. Oh.forget it! One less breakfast won't reduce my life expectancy. I finally make my way out of the apartment not stepping on anyone or anything.
As I walk out, I realize it's raining heavily. All I have on is a tee shirt and jeans. I stand there thinking of my options. I can either go back to bed or hey! There's that guy living next door (don't knowhis name), they call him 'the guy with the car'. I see five guys wearing 5 layers of clothing, gloves, raincoats and under one umbrella, all walking towards his car. As he starts his car and fills up the parking lot with black smoke, I look at him and give him the best smile I could. "You need a ride?" he shouts out like a Hindi movie hero. Well, what do you think?, I say in my mind as I run towards his car. Atleast, I got to sit on someone's lap. much better than those worn out seats. Huffing and puffing, the car finally reaches the school. I see all these people staring as six guys come pouring out of the car. Hey! Do you think we were having a gay orgy in here???
I thank the 'guy with the car', when suddenly I hear this most gayish tune. something like a nursery rhyme I remember from two decades ago! It was his cell phone ringing.Downloaded it yesterday, he tells me proudly and attends the phone. I hear words like."talk faster"."day time minutes"."gas prices". "classes"."Priya needs a ride?"."Sure no problem"."on my way". As I walk towards the fridge(to be understood as our school building which likes to show off its air conditioning powers), I can see my friend, the 'guy with the car' pull out of the parking lot and driving off.Metallica music blaring out of his 5 W speakers.with other noises from the car making it sound like a badly made remix..Some girl somewhere needs a ride I guess.
My brain starts to work as soon as I enter the Fridge( OUR BUILDING). I was supposed to meet my prof today.oh well.I am only 10 minutes late and she must be getting used to it by now. After the meeting,I run to the computer lab and find myself a PC. Man, anyone who walks past the lab might think that the Chinese and Indians are so dedicated and hardworking and determined and studious.but only the privileged few know that while the Chinese are using the lab times to be dedicated and hardworking and everything else, the Indians are busy strengthening family bonds around the globe. (I would like to take a second here to thank that cool software called trillian that can integrate yahoo,rediff and msn messengers all into one!).
After exactly an hour, I just have one more (out of the six) e-mail account to check. As I walk out of the lab, I see this human traffic heading for the exit. My profs, the department secretary,janitor.I see all of them heading out. I look down at my watch and realize its 12 noon..............time for lunch. 'Lunch'- a word I knew before reaching this country. I see my roomie by the vending machine, standing here like a lion waiting for his next victim. Finally, it happens. Two unsuspecting desi guys walk towards the machine. One of them - a nerd doing his Ph.D. is bragging about his research on developing an adaptive control chart to eliminate the difficulties of using a standardized control chart to control processes to his friend who is also doing a Ph.D. ,.well,TO KEEP HIS VISA STATUS ALIVE!!!!hahaha. As soon as they get their chips and cookies out of the vending machine, the lion.oops!.my roomie goes to them and I see his hands disappear into he packs of food. Well,at least he knows to keep himself healthy (or should I say.filled??).
After taking a one hour 20 minute nap in class, I pick up my assignments and head straight for the lab. You see, the probability that someone somewhere would have sent me a mail in the last two hours is quite high. And then it strikes me again. I was supposed to meet prof for chances on funding. Maybe another day. After deleting the twenty forwarded mails that reached my inbox in the last two hours, I walk back home, catching a glimpse of those flashy cars zooming past me. Someday.I think...and keep on thinking!!!mindlessly As I open the door to my apartment, I see my roomie sitting with a bottle of Corona and watching an Amitabh movie for the twentieth time??!! I tell him something's burning in the kitchen. "Don't worry.its aalu sabji.its for dinner", he comforts me.Aalu.
again?? I ask myself as I find a spot to place my shoes. "Where's my laptop?", I hear a shout from the bedroom. "Check in the laundry basket", I hear a reply from the restroom. "Get off the phone.I wanna use the Internet!"."Hey, its boiling in here.which chu**** switched on the heater??". My roomies.they are all here. Then i chivolrously say "Lets all clean up the place", I say.hmmm.maybe they didn't hear me. I say it once more."Lets all clean up the place", a bit louder this time. "Assignment due tomorrow!". "headache"."midterm day after"."Aunt's cousin's friend online!".come the replies! Oh well.might as well do it myself. After I make some quick phone calls to my friends spread over from Alaska to Florida and also using up the last two minutes of my phone card to India, I decide its time for bed.I slip under my comforter cum sleeping bag cum bed spread and slowly doze off.thinking of sports cars, rock music, hot girls.and all the good things I used to think about while standing in line for the visa, under the scorching Mumabai sun, outside the American Consulate.......................
Life goes on and on.........................


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